Shanna Cox

President + CEO

Shanna Cox was named President + CEO in 2019. Shanna is in charge with overseeing strategic growth and direction of the Chamber, maintaining strong relationships with our members, and creating new relationships with organizations and businesses who will benefit from the support, programming and services the Chamber offers.

Shanna has been pursuing economic and community development goals for the LA region for nearly 10 years. As a small business owner, Shanna worked with businesses and groups across the state to find solutions for complex community and social problems. Her statewide work grew her experience and exposure to addressing the important issues the Chamber, our members, and businesses in our communities’ face: workforce development, technology and innovation, cluster and sector development, educational outcomes and economic development and growth. While working statewide, Shanna has always been a champion and advocate for the LA region- a place she is proud to call home and raise her family. Her work history weaves experiences on both business and community issues together, and leverages her Economics Degree from the University of Maine.