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Valentine’s Day has arrived and what better way to spread love in our community than to spread the love amongst our members! The LA Metro Chamber Spread the Love Giveaway is an opportunity for our members to give a little back to our members, support each other, and have a chance at winning big!

What you do: Pick one of our Spread the Love envelopes, pay the amount on it, and give us contact info for notification of winners. Feel great knowing you are supporting Chamber members! Claim your envelope at an upcoming event, at our office, or over the phone – and enter for a chance to win one of four packages, each with more than $1,000 worth of member items (gift cards, service coupons, and incredible stuff – all purchased from members)!

How it works: We enter your name the number of times that is on the envelope. So, if you purchase envelope #136, you will get 136 chances to win and will have paid $136. We will spend $4,000 at our members to get the best services, products and more to make into baskets for you to win!

We love purchasing from our members, and hope you do too! This is a great way for each of you to spread the love!

Are you ready to Spread the Love? Here’s what you do:

  1. Find us at an official Chamber event over the next month, swing by our office during business hours, or give us a call;
  2. Select an available envelope to purchase;
  3. Watch Facebook and your email for the drawing to discover if you’re a winner!

Have questions? Ready to purchase an envelope? Give us a call at 207-783-2249!

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