The business community of the LA region has a new, colorful campaign highlighting the importance of wearing face coverings to ensure customers and employees feel safe, and the area’s businesses stay open.  The clear messaging and bright personas were developed by LA Metro Chamber of Commerce Director of Marketing and Communications Meredith Carson to promote a healthy, protected, all-inclusive, local economy.  

“Months ago, people were ready to do anything to support local businesses and keep them open. Today, the request from these same businesses is simple- mask up and be kind. It keeps businesses open, customers coming in, and staff safe” says Shanna Cox, President + CEO of the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce. Wearing a face covering in customer-facing businesses is a simple and effective way to help reduce the spread to customers and employees while also making those around us feel safe and protected. A Midcoast Chamber survey reaching 3,000 consumers in Maine showed that one out of two customers have or would leave a business if they didn’t feel safe. 

This campaign will run through October 31st, and features ads on CBS13, Fox23, Spectrum digital, as well as banners at multiple locations throughout Lewiston and Auburn. Any business can get a free laminated sign for their business at the LA Metro Chamber, or by visiting the City of Auburn or Lewiston. Staff from both municipalities will also be visiting business locations throughout the next two months to drop off signs and additional information about financial relief and business support. For more information, visit or email

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