On behalf of our members, the Board of Directors of the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce expresses its strong and resolute support for the Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council (LAEGC) and the work that it does on behalf of our communities.

LAEGC should be allowed to continue its important work for the economic future of our communities uninhibited by personal or political motives and agendas.

Whether working on large projects such as the Miracle Enterprises redevelopment of The Barn or with small businesses such as Legends Sports Bar and Grill or Top it Frozen Yogurt; or helping with saving community icons such as Lost Valley, LAEGC has made a tangible and positive impact on business in our communities.

We applaud the Auburn City Council for its service to our communities, its steadfast resolve to ensure sound fiscal stewardship, and its commitment to education and workforce development opportunities. We support the Auburn City Council for its diligence while also imploring it to maintain Auburn’s commitment to LAEGC — now and in the future. We believe it is in the best interest of both Auburn and Lewiston.

There is work to be done here. We see energy, momentum, and enormous potential in the greater Lewiston Auburn metropolitan area, and we are committed to hustling every day to make it a desirable place to live, work, and play. Together with our membership, we will raise the tide.

The Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council is an important partner in our efforts, and we look forward to working together to secure a brighter economic future for our communities.

Jennifer Ziebart, Director of Marketing and Communications
Jenny@LAMetroChamber.com, (207) 783-2249

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